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September 16, 2014
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TMF Health Quality Institute

Helping federal, state and local governments improve care

Government agencies rely on TMF Health Quality Institute’s extensive experience and resources to help solve their unique health care challenges.

We know health care

"On all fronts, the performance of TMF was superb; this included data analyses, compiling and completion of deliverables, devising and delivering educational programs, project management as well as providing support to other Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations . . . I would highly recommend TMF for program support work."

-Anita Bhatia, PhD, MPH
Former HPMP Government Task Leader
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

TMF is an organization of experienced health care professionals, including physicians, nurses, medical coding experts and health data analysts. We have the clinical expertise, technical knowledge and communication skills to help government agencies reach their health care goals:

  • Customized solutions – TMF has spent more than 40 years studying best practices in the health care industry. We assess the needs of individual agencies and then adapt the most effective strategies and solutions.
  • Extensive experience with health care providers – We work closely with health care professionals in multiple settings, including hospitals, physician offices, nursing homes, home health agencies and pharmacies.
  • Stakeholder engagement – TMF has a long history of engaging state and national stakeholders to help accomplish program goals.
  • Cost-saving technologies – We use a variety of software to collect and assemble data for clients. Tools used in the field include custom-developed client software, third-party software specified by clients and Web-based solutions.


Examples of how TMF has helped government agencies lower costs and improve care

Quality Improvement Consulting

"Their staff are consummate professionals with excellent technical expertise and concise communications skills. Their work product matches their name, 'Quality'."

-Kelly Curry, B.S., RN, LP
Quality Resource Director
Montgomery County Hospital District

  • Hospitals participating in TMF quality improvement projects reduced their rates for heart failure by 19 percent, acute myocardial infarction by 12 percent and pneumonia by 51 percent.
  • Nursing homes participating in TMF quality improvement projects reduced their rates for pressure ulcers by 19 percent, physical restraints by 69 percent, chronic pain by 10 percent and depression by 11 percent.
  • During the years TMF has conducted provider site visits for Vaccines for Children programs, state health departments have seen on average a six percent increase in immunizations for children 19 to 35 months of age.

Electronic Health Record Implementation

  • TMF recruited 300 practices (1,000 physicians) to receive support related to the adoption, selection and implementation of an electronic health record. Of the practices that had implemented an EHR by the end of this program, 92 percent were using basic features such as medication management, problem lists and lab results, while 59 percent were using care management features.

Medical Review

  • During our most recent contract as the Quality Improvement Organization for Texas, TMF physician reviewers completed 11,565 reviews in response to Medicare beneficiary complaints. For cases found to involve quality of care issues, TMF worked with health care providers and practitioners to initiate 168 separate quality improvement activities. These included 11 system-wide quality-of-service improvements, resulting  in tangible improvement in the delivery of health care to thousands of Medicare beneficiaries.
  • As a subcontractor TMF performs Texas Medicaid surveillance and utilization review. From the time we began this work, TMF assisted the prime contractor in increasing the number of medical records reviewed by 46 percent, the number of educational letters sent to physicians by 39 percent and recoveries by 116 percent.

Data Collection and Analysis

  • TMF distributes comparative Medicare claims data reports nationally to more than 10,000 health care providers. These reports, which contain provider-specific data on diagnoses and discharges at risk for payment errors, are used to guide their internal auditing and monitoring efforts.
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TMF has received Independent Review Organization accreditation from URAC. TMF is a GSA Advantage Contract Holder.